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Asterisk-IM support


Which IM client Jivesoftware use for this plugin ?


We use Jive Live Assistant, which is a commercial product for doing live customer chats on websites.

More information is at http://www.jivesoftware.com/products/liveassistant.

Developers for a few other popular clients have also committed to adding support, hopefully we will see something from them in the very near future.

If we don’'t use Jive Live Assistant can we provide Asterisk-IM to others IM clients ?

What are the solutions ?

For example How Gaim could support it ?


Any client that writes support for the phone proto JEP (http://svn.jivesoftware.org/svn/repos/asterisk-im/trunk/documentation/phone_jep. html) will work with asterisk-im.

We have been talking the gaim developers, hopefully you will see support in the near future.


Also, be sure to tell your the authors of your favorite IM client that you want Asterisk-IM support. The more feedback they get on it, the better.



I sent mail to Gaim developpers http://gaim.sourceforge.net/contactinfo.php.

What’'s the main problem to include code in Gaim ?

Gaim provide plugins.

Does Jivesoftware could provide a plugin to support Asterisk-IM ??


I am not a developer. I use Asterisk (AAH1.3).

I came to this forum by accident…and like what I saw for Asterisk IM.

Per this thread, I thought I let you know my favorite IM Client.

I started using GoogleTalk which uses Jabber.

Can GoogleTalk work with Asterisk IM?


The GoogleTalk client is locked into using google’'s XMPP server. It will not work against a Jive Messenger server.

There are a lot of good clients that will work with a Jive Messenger server and talk.google.com:

To name a few: Gaim, Pandion, Trillian, Adium, Psi, iChat, JBother, and Exodus

Will Gaim support Asterisk-IM ?

I asked to Gaim developpers they just talked me about SIMPLE support !



Will Gaim support Asterisk-IM ?

I asked to Gaim developpers they just talked me about

SIMPLE support !

Hmm, sounds to me like they “don’'t get it” yet. Why would SIMPLE support matter? Once you’'re able to find the right developers there, be sure to point them this way.