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Asterisk-IM with Callweaver/OpenPBX?

Does anyone know of anyway to get Asterisk-IM to work with Callweaver? (Formerly OpenPBX, a fork of Asterisk 1.2).

It fails authing with the server and the only major difference is that Callweaver is much more case-sensitive than Asterisk.

Any help would be appreciated.



Hmm I don’‘t know the differences between Callweaver and Asterisk and don’'t have a box with Callweaver to test.

Why don’'t you use Asterisk?

Well, I basically started with Asterisk, but ran into some problems (looking back on it, probably because I was a noob to it), so then I switched to OpenPBX (now Callweaver) and it solved most of my problems.

This some of the reasons why they decided to fork (and this is from voip-info.org):

  • Removal of all Zaptel hardware timer dependencies and use of software timers (either kernel based or generic) in their place.

  • Replacement of Berkeley DB 1.0 with SQLite 3 as engine for the internal key/value database (aka astdb).

  • Replacement of internal DSP with superior DSP provided by the SpanDSP library.

  • Support for STUN, T38 fax over IP and a universal jitter buffer.

  • Much faster and more efficient dialplan execution.

  • Much faster and more efficient extension matching engine.

  • Fixing of bugs which Digium did not acknowledge.

I definitely dont have any beef with Asterisk, but Callweaver seems to be a lot more development (and community-based), most bugs are fixed pretty quickly.

Here is a CW patch to make it compatible with Asterisk-IM.


Thanks, I will add support for the CallWeaver protocol identifier to Asterisk-Java so Asterisk-IM will support it in the future.

Thank you!

That would be so much better than having to change the manager string.

Please try this snapshot of Asterisk-IM 1.4. (rename the jar to asterisk-im.jar before deploying to Openfire).

This issue is tracked as PHONE-64

That snapshot just locks up Openfire when trying to view the Asterisk-IM page from the admin interface.

How long till the next stable release of Asterisk-IM?

Umm that’'s strange because that snapshot is already in producation at one site…

can you provide some more detail on what’'s happening?

A new release will take a few months - there is still lots of things to do in the issue tracker