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Asterisk Management Portal – Device and User configuration

The Asterisk management Portal (AMP) has a relatively new feature for separating devices and users, so that one user (extension) can be logged into multiple phones. It’s a really cool feature, but it doesn’t play well with some external software.

If I setup AsteriskIM to use my main desk phone using the standard SIP/EXT# format, AsteriskIM works exactly as expected. However, in this setup, if I am logged into multiple phones, my status is only reflected based on the single sip phone I specified and if I want to initiate a call, only my one sip phone rings.

What needs to happen is that rather than specifying SIP/Ext#, I need to specify LOCAL/Ext#. If I do this, Presto, all the phones that I’m logged into ring. However, now my status is not updated when I’m on the phone.

Does anyone have any advice of what I could be doing wrong or is it truly an incompatibility in the software packages? Thanks in advance for your help.

Is AMP a feature in Asterisk itself or is it an extension?



AMP is a GUI used to configure Asterisk. It is not a component of Asterisk itself. It is included in Asterisk@Home which is by far the most popular (easy to install) Asterisk package.

AMP: http://coalescentsystems.ca/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid= 57

Asterisk@Home : http://asteriskathome.sourceforge.net/