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Asterisk only or any old SIP?

We are currently considering upgrading/replacing our phone system but want to keep and protect our investment in XMPP. We currently have 3Com NBX and they claim to be very standards compliant as far as SIP goes (in the latest revisions). My question is how ‘‘generic’’ is the Asterisk plugin, is it just SIP or does it depend on Asterisk API’‘s? It sounds like Cisco integration is do-able from the forums but is that just because of JTAPI support? We’'d like to do other integration with our system so learning some of the ins and outs of SIP and our phone system are a given but what are the chances of forging ahead in the belief that SIP is SIP?

Any advice on this front would be most appreciated, I won’‘t hold a grudge if you say it ain’'t easy :).


The Asterisk-IM plugin is Asterisk Specific. It doesn’'t deal in SIP but accesses Asterisk using the Asterisk Manager interface.

This allows it to listen in to whats happning and translate events in Asterisk into events of use in a presence based system such as Openfire.


The asterisk-im plugin does requires asterisk. It uses asterisk’'s managment protocol to connect to the asterisk server.

The Cisco integration is a separate plugin that uses JTAPI. You might be able to do this if there is a JTAPI inteface for your PBX.

Thank you for the feedback, everything I have been able to gather has led me to the same conclusion. 3Com does not offer a Java/JTAPI interface but it is probably too early to draw much since pretty much anything SDK-wise is in beta still. We’‘ve gotten a hold of a test image from Cisco so I’‘ll be seeing where that goes, I’‘m not sure we’‘ll get a demo unit from 3Com but if we do I’'ll try to update this thread with any findings.

Thanks again!

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