Attaching to BOSH sessions fails in FF4

A weird scenario where something works right in IE but doesn’t work right in FF4.

I’m using Strophe.js to connect to Openfire over BOSH.

In IE8 and 9, attaching to an existing session works flawlessly. Running the same script in FF4, the attach sequence is the same, however, I receive a from the server without an ack attribute in FF4 which then triggers a failure in the session. I’ve traced this in Fiddler, so I know that this is not an issue with the script parsing in FF4.

What’s weird is that attaching to an existing session seemed to work fine in FF3.6 but only recently failed on me when I upgraded to FF4. Not sure what gives considering the client side JavaScript hasn’t changed and I would expect that the browser had no effect on the server processing of the request/response message.

Anyone else dealing with this issue in FF4?

For anyone interested, I’ve attached the Fiddler traces from Firefox 4 and IE9. The sequence of events is that I have my app loaded in the page and refresh the page. The first request sends an unavailable presence to the chat room (as if the user is leaving the room), the session and request IDs are stored in cookies and sent once the page reloads, and the connection should restart.

In IE9 and FF3.6, this works as expected. In FF4, this does not and you can see that no ack is returned on the request to re-establish the session. (2076 Bytes) (4485 Bytes)

Anybody know the solution for this error? I’m have the same problem with Openfire + JsJaC (Jappix mini) in FF…




I did get some more insight into this (although I did not solve my problem).

See the details here:

thx for reply, but this instruction doesn’t help me

I need a answer more especifc for JsJaC…