Audio and video embedded into sparkweb that allows inline sharing of rich content


I want to extend an XMPP IM client to support audio‐visual content (images, audio and video content) that can be played inline in much the same way that MMS files are handled on mobile devices.

Scope would cover:

  1. Designing a mechanism to record audio and video files in IM client window

  2. Enabling audio and video files to be sent and received by other contacts

  3. Design a mechanism to play audio and video files inline in the IM window

  4. Similarly, if the client receives a URL for a YouTube video etc. it should play inline in the IM window

  5. If an image or a URL to an image is received, an image thumbnail should be shown inline. The full images should be displayed in an overlay when clicked.

Is there anyone can give me some suggestion about how to start it ?

Thanks million!!