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Audio/video not working

hi all,

as you can see in the pic below


the top mobile im logged in as test
the bottom im logged in as rob

but my problem is im not able to see the other participant ie no audio/video

im allowing on my firewall ports UDP 10000-20000

i know it works as using astra chat i can send attachments and make calls vica versa

i have also heard you need to make the user “focus” the owner of the room and i have

i will show you the room


am i doing something stupid


Your focus user is not an occupant of the room. That means you have not set up the focus user correctly. Follow the 3 steps outined here - Openfire Meetings as an alternative to Zoom

im struggling sorry Dele

as you can see from below the user focus is the owner of the room but focus doesnt appear in the room when i do a show summary


It would be helpful if you followed the 3 steps and identified where it failed for you. is your focus user logged in ok? Are you an LDAP user?

so on my mobiles i go to this link


and as i already have the jitsi meet app it asks me to enter in user/pass

i can login successfully

on both my mobiles i can just see my local video and not the other person

i can send/recieve messages tho

i have NAT’d ports

UDP - 10000:20000

TCP - 80,5222,7443,7777,9091,443,4443

im using openfire meetings 0.9.5

it has created a focus user but it says its offline under users

not using LDAP

Make sure this user is logged in ok otherwise, you won’t get any video/audio. Check password is correct and confirm there are no errors with the XMPP connection of this user in your log files.

If you still have issues, consider trying the Pade version 0.9.8, it is has more up to date Jitsi code.

ok logged in as focus, same result


i will try 0.9.8

is this compatible with centos 7?

interesting under the users page my focus user still says offline?

under the default room “conference” i have made it an admin

smashed it!!!


damn, its stopped working again

i think its because focus i cant see in the occupants?

i got it working in the end

it was because the focus user thats auto generated when you install the openfire meeting plugin wasnt joining any group chat sessions and it needs to be as its the one that manages audio/video

i dont know what sorted it but what i did was change the hostname to my public dns name and also i added in /etc/hosts my public dns so when pinged it on my local host it came back with a