Audio, video, recorder and desktop screen not working

We have the latest red5 which is red5-0.1.06 using with openfire 3.6.2 and sparkweb 0.9.0 and spark 2.58. Our secure and unsecure http-bind ports are open. when I go to red5.html page and do testing it gives me an error.

2Way audio/video, 12 person audio/video conference, Audio/video message recorder and Desktop screen Publisher/Viewer don’t work. Here is an example.




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red5.html is a static page with harcoded links to /red5/video/video.html. If you change your application name from red5 to chat, you have to edit red5.html as well and if you also use on your Spark clients, you must edit them as well. In other cases, the new application name will be used normally.

I got it to work. what I did is stop Openfire and copied red5.war over to Openfire_HOME/plugin directory, started Openfire and logged into Openfire admin cp. Then stop Openfire and made hanges to the files inside Openfire_Home/plugin/red5, start Openfire and everything is working. The key was when to stop and start openfire.

Now I am looking at strength secure.

In spark for red5 plugin, it looks like it uses unsecure http-bind port. How do I change it to secure http-bind port?

For sparkweb, when SIP phone is enable in openfire admin cp >> red5, how do we secure this? In Red5 Plugin Readme file it talked about rtmp and rtmpt.