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Audit log file rotation

Hi all,

I’ve enabled the bog standard auditing, and would like to know a couple of things.

  • Can I change the name of the audit log file (and how do I do it)?

  • How do you enforce log rotation within openfire? I have set the following within the console.

xmpp.audit.active true

xmpp.audit.days 6

xmpp.audit.filesize 500

xmpp.audit.message true

xmpp.audit.totalsize 5000

Unfortunately, even with a daily restart at 4am, some days there is a log rotation, and some days there aren’t.

How does everyone else deal with audit log rotation?



Hi Andrew,

if xmpp.audit.totalsize is specified in MB you may want to to set it to 2000 or lower values as otherwise you hit a known 2 GB bug.

This is just a very basic logging option, and as Log4J is not supported one would need to change the code as far as I know to get a DailyRollingFileAppender for this file. So you can even change the name of the audit log files, while I guess that’s gust a very cosmetic issue.