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Audit log rotation explanation needed

Why is Openfire audit log rotated at 12:00 PM instead of 12:00 AM? This way each audit log file contains data from 12:00 PM previous day to 12:00 PM current day which beats a purpose of daily based log rotation.

I can make a workaround with shell script and cron, but since log rotation is already built in Openfire it would be nice to use it.

Openfire 3.6.3 on Slackware 10.2

Current Settings: English / (GMT+1:00) Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague

Audit Policy Settings:

Folder to save the files:/opt/openfire/logs

Folder to save the files (MB): 1000

Folder to save the files (MB): 20

Maximum days to archive: -1

Flush Interval (seconds): 120

Packets to audit: Audit Message Packets

Thanks in advance,



I assume that you did mean “Maximum file size (MB): 20”. So Openfire does rotate the file when it reaches 20 MB. I ownder whether this is always the case at 12:00 PM for you.

As Log4J is not used it’s not possible to use a daily rolling file appender.