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Auth. Users from Different Schema

Good day,

I have not started to use WildFire because I am not sure it can do what I’‘ll need it to do. I currently have a database of about 7000 users in MySQL. I know that WildFire can use MySQL as its back-end, but I was wondering if it could use my tables and schema to authenticate? I really don’'t want to have to redesign my table structure to give my users a messaging option.



currently it can’'t. Version 3.0 should include issue “JM-660 Add JDBCGroupProvider”, then you should be able to authenticate against your existing userbase/database while Wildfire will still need a database for its data.


LG is correct that Wildfire 3.0 includes group integration with existing database. However, the current version of Wildfire already makes it possible to integrate users and authentication. Do a search in the forums for JDBCAuthProvider, or take a look at that class in the Javadocs (we still need to document it more officially).