Authentication against existing mysql-database?

Hi there,

i’'m just new into jabber and anything around (unfortunately also new to java) so sorry for maybe asking a noob question but i wanted to figure that out before jumping deep into the facts.

is there a possibility to have Wildfire authenticate the users against an existing mysql-userbase?

I’‘m having a community running (vbulletin based) with about 15.000 Members and would like to use jabber (maybe with jwchat) to provide the users with a messaging/chat-platform. The best way for them would be to login with their community-login so they don’'t need to register once again.

Would be great to have any possiblities…

Thanks for you help,



Yes, the way to go is to write your own AuthProvider.

Implement org.jivesoftware.wildfire.auth.AuthProvider, should be fairly simple using JDBC. The following article shows how to establish a connection.



Hi crabel,

thanks for you reply.

The problem is i don’‘t know anything about coding in java I know php very well but i really don’'t know Java.

So my question was more like “is there already a solution”, you know?

But thanks anyway.


I written a pseudo-pop3 deamon in Python that do the auth stuff with a MySQL database (because, like you I don’‘t know Java). So, on the wildfire side, I configured the pop3 connector and it works great. It’'s not in production yet but will be soon. I plan to release this under the GPL licence when the code will be tested. Maybe you will be interested in this .

Please let us know when you release this code.