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Auto accept roster subscription

Hi Group,

I’m facing a weird problem between two openfire servers (v3.7.1) in the same lan. They’re installed on a Linux CentOS machine, everything works fine but I’d like to add an automatic roster subscription between two users on two different servers, let’s face a real example:

  • Openfire 3.7.1, mysql 5.1.62, Linux CentOS, JRE and two identical machines, server “A” and server “B”

  • I’ve created “user1” on server “A” and “user2” on server “B”

  • servers are trusted each other and I can exchange information between them, without Subscription plugin everything works fine, example: “user1” (Empathy client on Gentoo Linux) tries to add “user2” (located on server “B”). Pidgin client on Gentoo Linux connected to “user2” can see the subscription request (coming from user1), he can accept it, then on each client I can see the opposite user subscribed


  • I enable the subscription plugin on both servers

  • Set “Accept Subscriptions” from “All”

plugin.subscription.level “all”

plugin.subscription.type “accept”

  • restart both services

  • restart both clients (Empathy and Pidgin)

  • user1 (empathy) manually adds a new contact : “user2”

then it goes wrong, I cannot see any kind of subscription on Pidgin (user2). On server “A” I can see the roster to user “user2” subscription set to “to”, on server “B” I cannot see any roster or setup

What did I do wrong ? where’s my fault ? I guess I should see two roster records (one on each server) and subscription set to “both” but it’s not there and I don’t know why

I don’t want to touch client side settings because I don’t know what kind of client my user will have, I’d like to do everything on server side

Obviously if I disable the Subscription plugin I can see everything working fine

Is there something else I can post to solve this problem ?

Thanks in advance for your kind request