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Auto-add conference chat room to buddy roster

I have searched as much as I can to find out how to do this. I have also poked around quite a bit in the admin console. I need to be able to get the name of my chat room to automatically be in any new person that I add’s buddy roster. Can someone throw me a bone here? I very much appreciate any help that you can give me.


I guess it is worth adding that I am using the interneal database. I have the functionality of everything working the way I like otherwise.

Hey it’s been a day, where are the people that can help me with this?

What client do you plan to use? I dont remember a client which can let you put chatrooms in a roster. Well, you can of course try adding roomname@conference.server as a user in your shared group. And this “contact” will show up in a roster. But Spark will not handle it right. Exodus will show it with a bookmark icon, but you will have to right click it and pick Join Conference to be able to join that room normally.

There is a Client Control plugin which can let you specify rooms as Bookmarks (show up in Spark’s Bookmarks menu) and it will apply to all clients. Exodus is showing bookmarks on the top of the roster and they work normally when double clicked.