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Auto-Install with select options

Is there an easy way to customize the Spark client installers options?

The less the users need to click the better.

Simple preferences like “Play sound when new message arrives”

The users are pulled from AD, they will need to type there pass upon login -and hopefully thats it. (goal)

Any ideas?

i see some good stuff at:

But we want to cover the clients initial preferences by scripting the setup…

You can use a users logon script in AD policy to create the Spark folder in each user’s windows profile folder, then copy the modified files attached below to that folder. You will need to enter the server name in the spark.properties file. Right now I have it set to chatserver.domain.com.
sound-settings.xml (594 Bytes)
spark.properties (941 Bytes)


That’s a good solution for setting the properties, but is there a silent install switch or anything like that so I can install spark without user intervention?



Have you tried installing the MSI via group policy. Most MSI files do install as silent when install via a computer level policy as it happens prior to users authenticating.

We are a novell shop, If I had zenworks I could do that, but I don’t. For most automated tasks I use login scripts or batch sctipts. I will try the msi installer and see if ther is some way I can get it to install silently…


you will need the switches for msiexec.

Windows ® Installer. V 3.01.4000.1823

msiexec /Option <Required Parameter>

Install Options

</package | /i> <Product.msi>

Installs or configures a product

/a <Product.msi>

Administrative install - Installs a product on the network

/j<u|m> <Product.msi> /t /g

Advertises a product - m to all users, u to current user

</uninstall | /x> <Product.msi | ProductCode>

Uninstalls the product

Display Options


Quiet mode, no user interaction


Unattended mode - progress bar only


Sets user interface level

n - No UI

b - Basic UI

r - Reduced UI

f - Full UI (default)


Help information

Restart Options


Do not restart after the installation is complete


Prompts the user for restart if necessary


Always restart the computer after installation

Logging Options

/l[i|w|e|a|r|u|c|m|o|p|v|x|+|!|*] <LogFile>

i - Status messages

w - Nonfatal warnings

e - All error messages

a - Start up of actions

r - Action-specific records

u - User requests

c - Initial UI parameters

m - Out-of-memory or fatal exit information

o - Out-of-disk-space messages

p - Terminal properties

v - Verbose output

x - Extra debugging information

    • Append to existing log file

! - Flush each line to the log

    • Log all information, except for v and x options

/log <LogFile>

Equivalent of /l* <LogFile>

Update Options

/update <Update1.msp>[http://;Update2.msp|http://;Update2.msp]

Applies update(s)

/uninstall <PatchCodeGuid>[http://;Update2.msp|http://;Update2.msp] /package <Product.msi | ProductCode>

Remove update(s) for a product

Repair Options

/f[p|e|c|m|s|o|d|a|u|v] <Product.msi | ProductCode>

Repairs a product

p - only if file is missing

o - if file is missing or an older version is installed (default)

e - if file is missing or an equal or older version is installed

d - if file is missing or a different version is installed

c - if file is missing or checksum does not match the calculated value

a - forces all files to be reinstalled

u - all required user-specific registry entries (default)

m - all required computer-specific registry entries (default)

s - all existing shortcuts (default)

v - runs from source and recaches local package

Setting Public Properties

Consult the Windows ® Installer SDK for additional documentation on the

command line syntax.

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Portions of this software are based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.


Ha, i was just going to post that as I just figured it out! Cool and thanks as always!


If anyone is interested in doing the silent install from a network drive, here is the way I am going to try it. I have not tested this, but it should work. I did something similar with vnc…

Create a batch file and save it to a network drive: Let say s:\spark\sparkinstall.bat

copy the spark.properties and sound-settings.xml files provied by mtstravel above to the s: drive.

copy spark_2_5_8.msi to the s: drive

echo off

REM Silent Spark Install


if exist “C:\Program Files\Spark\Spark.exe” goto end

s:\spark\spark_2_5_8.msi /quiet /promptrestart

copy s:\spark\spark.properties c:%UserProfile%\spark\ /y

copy s:\spark\sound-settings.xml c:%UserProfile%\spark\ /y

goto end


In your users login script, map the s: drive and then run the sparkinstall.bat.

Using this batch file will prevent the program from installing at every login… But if your users are in a container and share the login script, new users will get the program automatically or old user who get new computers, etc…

If anyone sees anything wrong with this, please let me know… I’m not going to get to try it for a couple of days…