Auto-joining chat rooms

is there a way to auto-join chat rooms in spark?, or is there a group chat feature that you can use to communicate within one group without the other users having to join a channel

You can use the following names as arguments passed into Spark.exe.

  1. username

  2. password

  3. server

  4. start_chat_jid

  5. start_chat_muc

To make this easier to handle in a client side way, I have it where the app takes a HttpParam style of argument.



You can auto-join chat rooms or single person chats as well as auto-login.



please explain this in a newbie sort of way, you mean i can use an argument when i start the app or i can use these in a script somehow

So you normally start up Spark by invoking the Spark.exe file. So, some things you can

are start it from the command line like “c:
program files
spark.exe username=foo&password=test&

This would do the following:

  1. Log in the foo user with password test on the server.

  2. Start a one to one chat with

  3. Start a conference chat in the room

Does this help out more?



thanks, it worked. now is there a way to stop the program asking me for my nickname

Thanks for the command-line auto-join info.

It would be nice to have a menu choice when right-clicking the Spark tray icon to join a chat room. So if you auto-joined initially, then closed the chat room window, you wouldn’'t need to open spark, click the conference tab, find the conference room you just left, select and confirm.

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