Auto login doesn''t work (possible bug)


I just tried to make Spark to autologin by clicking on the Auto Login check box at Spark’‘s initial screen, then clicked on login. Next time I reboot my computer, Spark shows up without the checkbox checked and would not Auto Login. When I installed Spark, I choose not to Auto Login, now it seems I can’‘t enable it. On another computer which I checked it upon installation (or the first time I used, don’'t recall) it works great.

I tested this in 3 different computers.


anyone see this behaviour ?

This is an old issue with that checkbox. What version are you using? While testing with i have found that this checkbox is unchecked when connection to server is lost and i press login button in roster window (actually in there was a reconnect countdown introdused, but somehow it dissapeared in this newer version). And if i press Log Off this checkbox is cleared too. If i just exit the program and launch it again Auto Login is working.

It works now on 2.0 Thanks