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Auto Login is not working on Spark 2.5.6


i’m using spark 2.5.6 on My Windows Client and Auto Login is not working (auto login is not checked) if user logout. If user not logout but just simply click exit…the auto login is work…

My server is openfire 3.3.2 on slackware 12

could anyone help me ?..



I am not sure what you are asking. This is what I get from the question:

  1. Autologin does work when the user exits spark completely.

  2. When users select logoff Spark goes to the login screen and the user must click login to successfully login.

If 1 and 2 are correct then that is normal behavior for Spark. Autologin should only run when Spark loads. This means if it starts at system boot, from a double click of the icon, etc. If the process is already listed in task manager, from choosing logout, autologin does not work.

I think he’s saying if he:

  1. sets auto-login

  2. Logs in

  3. Logs out

  4. Quits the application

  5. Launches the application again

…then auto-login is nolonger checked. This is odd (but apparently by-design) behaviour of Spark.

This is by design, since the idea of logging out is to normally log in as another user.



I knew the behaviour, but not the logic previously. thanks for that.

Perhaps it’s ‘logout’ which is confusing people. If the option was called ‘change user’ I suppose it’d appear more logical in it’s behaviour.


thanks DeeJay for making clear my question…and if that is behaviour so… how can i make user auto login??, cause i’ll using spark on my internal network and each person at my office have one PC. so i think that’s important to make spark login automatically each time system boot’s…



There are a few options:

  1. Tell users to use exit, not logout

  2. Ask Jive nicely to add an option to the config to be able to remove ‘logout’ to prevent users clicking the wrong option

  3. Writing a login script in Windows which turns auto-login back on in Spark (which is horrible, but would work).

The other option is:

  1. Use SSO which will automatically log you in on next restart (or new windows session) even after somebody does a logout.

assuming your JID = Windows login + server name (ours doesn’t so we can’t use SSO )