Auto-login to openfire

I am trying to find a way to auto-login users into Openfire from a link in Jive SBS that starts up JWChat. Here’s my setup:

Jive SBS 4.0.X

OpenFire 3.6


We had to go with JWChat over SparkWeb due to some customer requirements.

Users currently login to SBS, then popup a window to login to JWChat. Ideally, I’d like to have people auto-login to chat with some kind of pre-authorized token generated inside SBS (probably with a SBS plugin). I already did something similar for users to auto-login to Zimbra from SBS with a custom-developed plugin for SBS… However, Zimbra supports the concept of a pre-authorization token (see here), and I don’t see anything similar for Openfire.

Has anyone done something similar? Or, have some suggestions for how best to implement this?



Hi Craig,

this seems to be a JWChat issue and not really related to the XMPP server behind it. I doubt that there is a soltion which works out of the box.

How do you login to SBS. Username and password, stored in LDAP?

Or do you use an SSO solution or kerberos?

Do Openfire and SBS use the same domain (eg and

Maybe one can set a cookie and add a function to JWChat read it and use it for login (which may have some security issues but may be fine for internal use or when using SSL).


We login to SBS using username/password. SBS is connected to OpenLDAP. We have OpenFire and SBS connected, so I believe that OpenFire authenticates users against SBS (rather than LDAP).

Yes, SBS and Openfire will be on the same domain. In fact, we are proxying the XMPP traffic through the SBS httpd server, so it’s actually the same server.

I will look into setting a cookie from SBS that JWChat can interpret.

I was hoping that someone else had done something similar with one of the many web-based chat clients (jwchat, ijab, etc.)