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"auto-reconnect support" / what happens after three attempts?


the reconnect option is probably a good new feature, but what happens if three reconnect attempts did fail? The answer may be interesting but I think reconnecting should be solved in a similar way within all products and in a friendly way for the servers which are connected.

The Spark/Smack reconnecting issue was already discussed here: http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?messageID=143083

So infinite retries would be nice if the delay between the retries would be doubled every time until it reaches 30 minutes.


I am generally never a fan of infinite retries. You can always set the number of retries to whatever you want. If three connects occur and fail, then it’‘s probably better not to harass the legacy service until a later time (perhaps when the user chooses to try again or logs in at a later date) If I have this thing auto-reconnecting forever, there’'s always a chance said service will end up getting mad and blocking.

Hi Daniel,

I don’'t think that normal services like XMPP or IRC have problems if a client tries to reconnect every 30 minutes.

This makes also sure that the retries do not happen more often.

I assume that you are currently using seperate threads for every connection. I’'m not sure if these threads share data - if 5% of the threads which connect to example.com have problems then one may assume that also the other threads will have problems if they try to send a message. So one could use this information to make sure that the number of connects to example.com stays low.