Auto Reconnect to the server option

Since the SPARK client does not dynamically update the user/group list and user/group information, is there a possibility to add a feature like “Automatic reconnecting to the server” every : 2,4,8,12,24 hours to reload the latest roster information?

Spark does automatically update the contact list. It is the server that pushes contact list changes, that are picked up by Spark. Why do you think that this is not working?

As far as I know, there is no way to have Spark reconnect periodically.

We use LDAP and a certain field {info} in which user information (DisplayName + telephoneNumber) is added immediately after creating a user.
So, after some time, in SPARK, I see that a new user has appeared in the desired group, but his name in the roster looks like this: {info}. If I immediately log out and log back in to SPARK, I see the correct user name.
It is possible that this problem can be attributed to the combination of LDAP+Openfire, but SPARK also does not display the current conference services, only after restarting the application can you see the current conference services.
Some users who started the application a week ago still have a list of standard conference services (

Ah, yes, LDAP/AD properties are cached. I’m not actually sure if an update is pushed when an LDAP attribute changes over time.

Maybe add “Reconnect Button” on top?