Auto restart a plugin?

Is it possible to have an automatic restart of a plugin? maybe with a cron job?

Any ideas?

Without looking at the source this is only a guess, but-

the plugin gets “upgraded” automatically when you drop a new jar file in the plugins directory. Perhaps just “touch plugin.jar” would force such an update? Might be worth a test


you could create a new thread within your plugin which restarts it every n hours if you want to do this … it may be a quite interesting task making sure that also the restart thread terminates successfully.


I guess the question then is, are you trying to restart a plugin you

wrote? Or a different plugin?

Also, what is happening that you need to restart the plugin? Sounds like

there might be another issue going on.

I purchased a license to the enterprise plugin from Jive and I have different clients that need to manage different queues so I wrote a new administration console but there is some kind enterprise specific cache. I’ve been waiting to hear from Jive if there is an easy way to clear the cache for this plugin but they haven’t responded. The easiest way I know of is to restart the plugin. I posted this question in the enterprise support forum but maybe somebody here knows something.

It looks like the enterprise plugin takes advantage of caching like the
openfire server. Openfire has the ability to clear the cache through
the admin console and changing system properties. Is there a way to
change the cache time for the enterprise plugin? Maybe a system


see Broadcast form command line, I did extend the broadcast script a little bit and you may want to modify it to your needs. I think that this is a very nice way to restart the plugin using cron.

One should monitor also the STDOUT log file and look for “Starting Enterprise Server” to make sure that the restart was really successful.


thanks, the touch pluginname.jar trick works for me