Auto-update on MAC is broken

I was very impressed that Spark automatically detected a new version. Curiously when I connected to GoogleTalk! It asked me to automatically update and I obliged.

Unfortunately, it didn’‘t just download jar’'s or something, it downloaded a new DMG (disk image) which contained a whole new … ok thats fine… right? nope!

When I tried to drag the new to my “Applications” folder, it failed to replace the existing one because some file was still in use… the disk image! …

I had to copy the to somewhere else, then eject the mounted disk image, so I could copy and replace the in “Applications” .

I suggest downloading the file to /tmp/$sparcupdatefilename-$$.dmg so that you don’'t clash like that in the future.


Hi Tom,

In the release you just downloaded, on the MAC, your browser is invoked and redirected to the download link. At least until I put in jar updates and not full installer updates.



Actually, I believe the file was downloaded from within the Spark client. My default browser is FireFox which saves files to ~/Desktop (which would be fine too). If you called Safari directly, I believe it also saves files to the desktop. Did it maybe do a wget or curl? Another possibility is, maybe you use “open” on the command line, and, while “open” uses a browser for most http-ish things, maybe it detected that it was a DMG and opened it with the Disk Image Mounter. Maybe just a “cd /tmp” before “open”-ing the file? (I suppose I could go look at the code, but I would probably be lost)


There doesn’'t appear to be a way to attach screenshots to this forum, so lemme try linking to my iDisk (this should be interesting)

So, here is the window that I think is downloading the update from within the application…

Here is the correct notification that it needs to shut down before it can update (maybe we could “mv” the file here?)

After hitting “Yes” on the previous dialog, a disk image opens and, ofcourse I am supposed to copy to /Applications. When I try to do that I get a error that it already exists (expected) and would I like to replace it, I would, so I click “Replace” and this error comes up:

… because the DMG file is within the “folder” (application)



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