Autojoin MUC problems - mostly works, sometimes does not

Openfire 3.5.2 running on Solaris 10

Exodus 0.10.0 client

I’ve had openfire running for a few months now without too many hickups at all. One fairly odd issue we’re having is with one or two users that cannot autojoin MUCs on client login.

Exodus, as well as other clients, has the feature to bookmark MUCs and auto-join at login. Pretty much all of my users are taking advantage of this feature without problem, but occaisionally it will break for no apparent reason.

The issue is thus…

exampleUser gets set up with a MUC bookmark for exampleRoom and is able to autojoin without issue. A few weeks later, exampleUser notices that when autojoining he gets dropped off into a room labeled exampleRoom, but it is completely empty and he cannot send messages. Other users are in exampleRoom and they do not see exampleUser. If exampleUser closes his limbo-like exampleRoom and rejoins exampleRoom, everything is fine.

The only thing in the logs that appears to be related is the following from the warn log… (some items changed for privacy)

2008.09.24 08:00:27 Error or result packet could not be delivered





I have had troubles like this in the past and am not sure if my users are still having this issue with Pidgin as the client. As I recall, there is some issues with the xmpp client sending lots of requests to the openfire server at login and then having openfire ‘drop’ some of these requests due to various reasons. For instance, I was noticing that openfire won’t reply back with MUC capabilities until after it gets a stanza from the client. Strange.

So, my post is probably not much help to you, other than, “yea, happens sometimes to me too”


Do you mean that you were previously having autojoin problems with pidgin, but now it works? Or were you having issues with a different client and then moved over to pidgin where the issue does not exist?

It may be worth noting that when I use pidgin or psi it magically works just fine… the MUC bookmarks were created with the exodus client, as was the autojoin option.


I think most of my users abandoned this feature given all of the troubles of the past. The troubles arised when the auto-joined server was a remote MUC.

I am not sure how your links in exodus are working in Pidgin… AFAIK, Pidgin doesn’t use private xml storage feature of XMPP.

Sorry, I’m not much help.


You know, I may have been wrong on that comment about the Exodus bookmark carrying over to pidgin… and by may have I mean was. Too many things going on at once - I have my particular MUC bookmarks being pushed by LDAP group. The bookmarks on the user end are not… so I turned my group’s bookmarks off to test. I guess we’ll see if they carry over or not (for curiosity’s sake).

Anyway, thanks for the small bit of info. Anything’s a help

can anyone help me how i can implement the auto join Muc after getting online …