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Automatic disconnects

We have a user who is running Spark 2.5.1 (Server is OpenFire 3.3.0) and he connects fine but after a few seconds Spark will just automatically shutdown every time. I’‘ve uninstalled + reinstalled, tried the new beta version but same problem. What’'s weird is that if he uses another pc with same version of Spark he can log in and it stays logged in.

Not sure what could be causing the disconnects. Standard Windows XP Professional install (w/ SP2). Using Spark 2.5.1 (w/ built-in Java) We have about 20 users all on same version and his is the only one acting this way but only from his machine.


I uninstalled Spark 2.5.1 and installed Spark version 2.0.7. Now it seems to work fine (no disconnecting after login) but eventually I would like to be able to have this user running the newer version. For now this will work. Still curious what would cause the new version to disconnect.

Spark error.log could have some clues, post it here (of course it’'s better to post only part when issue occurs)

have you tried to restart Openfire? Today i’'ve had a loop of disconnects. Server restart fixed that.