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Automatically accept subscription from specific remote server


I’m already using the subscription plugin to automatically accept subscriptions from users located on the local server. Now, I need to be able to accept subscriptions from users located on a remote server I trust. I don’t want accept automatically subscription from all remotes servers, but only one (plus the local one).

How can I do that ?


You would have to have some way to differentiate between a user from the remote server, and ANY unregistered user. Assuming you have access to the remote server, one solution may be to use the “User Import/Export Plugin” and script out a batch to import new users. This is purely speculation, however. I’ve never tried this, but it looks like it should work. Unfortunately, anytime a user was removed from the remote server, it would also need removed from the local one.

I have access to the remote server but the users base is dynamic so I cannot just do a one-time import.