Automatically add/display users on server

I am using openfire on my local server and would like for any user who logs in to the server, be automatically displays, added, authenticated, etc. for all other users who are logged in to the server. For instance, let’s say i’m logged in to the server, and a new employee whose account has been added by the admin to the server, logs in- now i want for this individual to popup automatically in my spark and other employees’ spark on its own, without my having to add him/her.

Please advise of any plugins or settings that can achieve this

your looking for shared roster management

please elaborate- how is that done? also i need to make sure people who are not on the server (on the roster), are not listed. basically this softare called outlook messenger does that- simply lists the computer names that are online. i’m looking for something similar, except i want to know which ‘users’ are logged in.

First, go to Users and Groups page in Admin Console. Create some groups, add users to groups, then go to groups’ settings and enable Contact List Sharing in there by specifying a sharing name for every group and setting up what other groups should see this group and its members.

Openfire will push all group members, not just online ones. It is up to a client being used to show only online or offline ones too. In Spark you can set it to show only online users, though this can be changed by a user.

will that automatically add any new users or will i need to add them manually to the groups?

This depends on how you are getting your users. If for example you have integration with AD, then you don’t have to create user or groups in Openfire, it will pull everything and new users automatically (you will have to enable sharing in groups). If you create users manually in Openfire, then you will have to put them into groups manually. If your new users can register with your server themselves, then you can use Retgistration plugin, which will put new users to a desired group (but just one group) automatically.

thank you very much!