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Automatically Creating users on server


I was wondering if it is possible to automatically create users on the server.

E.g. if I have a facebook community I want a new user to be added automatically each time a new user is created in the comunity.

Also when a persons make new friends in the community these relations should also be added automatically. E.g. If A and B becomes friends they should automatically be friends in openfire as well (and should not have to have to accept the friendship in openfire since they accepted it in the community).

Can anyone give me some ideas as of how can this be done? Will it be complicated to implement?

This would be darn near impossible as you have no access to the Facebook database or its notification system.

Sorry that was a bit unclear. I just used facebook as an example. I am creating my own comunity and have access to everything I need.

Now I have installed the Userservice plugin that allows me to add users by url. Works like a charm.

But how can I automatically make 2 people friends… ? Like when A adds B in the community and B accepts I want them to automatically be friends

on openfire as well… So I would need the same mechanism as when adding users.

Anyone have a idea?

Hi Dubber,

I think you can send a subcribed Presence automatically when you received a subcribe Presence.

To make both subscription on A and B, you have to check contact in their roster list.

But the client wont trigger anything. I would like to e.g. just update the database but that wont work since openfire stores all the user info in cache. So then I would need to refresh cache all the time

I used the UserService plugin and this allows me to add and modify users. But I would like a simular function for adding user relationships…