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Automatized message

Hi there!

I am wondering if I can send a programmed broadcast message for example every friday. How can I do it?


There are multiple options:

  • You can write a custom Java program using Smack that is run by cron each friday, logs in with an admin account and sends a message to the broadcast address

  • Of course you can also choose any other language like Perl or whatever you are familiar with - Jabber client libraries exist for almost every common language.

  • You can write an Openfire plugin that does the job but thats probably overkill

Is there someone that could send me info on EXACTLY how to get this done?

Our office manager wants to use Spark to send an automatic message about every 35 minutes, as a motivational tool.

Since our email does not get open as often, spark is our primary INTERNAL communication.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.