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Autostart Wildfire on Mac OS 10.4.4

Has anyone configured Mac OS 10.4.4 to autostart Wildfire on boot up (but prior to anyone logging in)?

I’‘m about to pull what little hair I have left on my head trying to figure this out. I’‘ve messed with the start lists and no dice. I’'ve spent about 30 minutes making a plist for launchd and no dice with that either.

Any advice would be greatly welcomed.

Hi Tom,

You might want to take a look at url=http://digitalmedia.oreilly.com/pub/a/mac/2003/10/21/startup.htmlthis O’'Reilly article[/url] which:

“…give[s] an overview of how StartupItems fit into the OS X startup process, what you need to do to create a Startup Item, and provide an example of a StartupItem that will run the Apache project’'s Tomcat Java servlet engine.”

I’'m sure you could modify the sample Tomcat StartupItem to work with Wildfire.

Hope that helps,


In 10.4 the prescribed method is to create yourself a startup-triggered launchd item.

See this url=http://www.macworld.com/2005/12/secrets/febgeekfactorside/index.phpMacworld article[/url] for more detail. Lingon (described in the article) is a great tool for hacking launchd.

Thanks for the tips guys. But I’‘ve tried both of these methods and still nothing. I’'m not sure where/how to begin troubleshooting the problem.


that’'s how it works in lauchnd:

using lingon’'s assistant enter the following:

page 1: “run job at startup”

page 2: give it any label you want and UNcheck the log in checkbox

page 3: enter the following command (depending where you have installed wildfire - mine is installed under /usr/bin/wildfire/): /usr/bin/wildfire/bin/wildfire start

the result is put under “user agents” in lingon and will start the server immediately upon load.

the xml looks like this:

hope this helps!

btw, wildfire runs beautifully under mac os x 10.4.6 and java 1.5