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Avatar displayed nearly full-screen


We have been using Spark for a couple of months now and generally everything is fine. I have just one issue that I hope the community can help me with.

This is an issue that affects just one user of Spark (user 1). When spark is running on their machine, if one particular user (user 2) logs in to Spark their avatar is displayed nearly full-screen on user 1’s screen and then disappears. It looks like the end of a toast pop-up - the image immediately appears and occupies most of the screen, but then slides down the screen revealing the desktop behind it.

User 1 is using a Win XP Pro SP3 computer. Myself and others use the same OS, plus Win7, but we don’t see this when user 2 logs on to Spark.

Anyone seen this before and know what might be causing it?

I have asked User 2 what size their avatar was originally, but they can’t remember as they nicked it off the Internet



I changed my avatar and used a large image. This was displayed ‘actual size’ on user 1’s screen.

Can Spark/Openfire be configured to automatically resize an image if it over a certain size?



This was fixed for 2.7.0 version (SPARK-1438). But 2.70 is not out and can’t say when it will be. You can try using the latest nightly build like http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/artifact/SPARK-INSTALL4J/JOB1/build-583/Install 4j/spark_2_6_3_12555.exe

Personally i just turned off Toast popups and switched to ROAR plugin popups. They are nicer and can be configured. You will find it in the Preferences in the latest official 2.6.3 version.

Thank you very much for your help.

Toast popups are mot enabled on user 1’s machine.

ROAR popups are configured.

When user 1 receives a message the ROAR notification is displayed as expected. When user 1 receives a notification that user 2 has logged in the image dominates the screen.

I’ll ask user 2 to change their avatar so that it is smaller.

I’ll also keep tabs on the updates. The installation of Spark is configured to automatically check for updates. Will they be automatically installed or will I need to push updates out to the machines?

Many thanks for the assistance.


You have to disable Notifications about users going online or offline. I called it toast popups as it uses the same window for message toasts and these. Unless you really need this. Then so far the only option is to ask users to change to smaller avatars or use the nightly build.

Spark will check for new versions, but for the installation it will need admin rights. If your users have admin rights, they will be able to install newer version. Otherwise you will have to do this manually for them.

Thanks for the clarification on the updates. Most of our staff are able to install programs so it shouldn’t be an issue.

I captured the massive image on user 1’s pc and resized it for user 2. Everyone’s happy now.

Thank you, you’ve been a great help.