Avatar image showing original size in online/offline notification popup window


I would like to bring up an issue which was not present in earlier versions of Spark IM, but as from the 2.6.3 version, any large image, for example, 500x500px, is being displayed in its original size in the notification popup window when a user signs in or out, and we do need to keep these notifications enabled, but with large images being used, it gives a strange effect on the screen when it pops up, while in the past versions, it was automatically resized to a default which I think was about 100x100 px. This problem however does not crop up in the chat window or the main window.

Any fix for this, apart from having to resize manually a big image to a smaller size? Or may be a fix to be included in the 2.7.0 version which I’ve seen being developed to automatically resize the image to a defined size?

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Sharing the same problem here. Awating for a solution.