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Trying to add a photo as my avatar and getting the vcard error. Any suggestions?

Where do you get this error?

I click on Spark, then edit my profile, then Avatar and browse to choose a photo. It says server does not support Vcards, unable to save your vcard

What software is used for a server? Openfire? It may be integrated with LDAP in which case it is in read only mode and can’t save changes to users/groups.

I am at work and not sure how to check. We were able to do it before, not sure what changed

Well, you should talk to the admin of your server. I haven’t seen such error, but i don’t use LDAP integration myself. So i’m only guessing.

We do use LDAP

@speedy says by default LDAP should not allow saving vcards. But he says that adding a system property ldap.override.avatar and setting it to true should make it work. That is if you are actually using Openfire as a server.