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Avatars between JEP-0008 and JEP-0153 supporting clients

My company switched to wildfire few days ago. Since we are located on two distant geogaphic positions Jabber IM is a tool of great value for us. We also think avatars (actually people’‘s photos) improve communication a great deal. I’‘m saying this to underline the level of commitment I’'m willing to make in solving this problem.

We use two types of avatar supporting clients, JEP-0008 and JEP-0153.

I wondered if it is possible somehow to allow JEP-0153 users to see JEP-0008 users’’ avatars and vice versa. Using some kind of wildfire plugin that will add the additional info (about avatars) to the messages the clients exchange (if it’'s missing).

We have a LDAP server and the avaters are stored there.

I have this idea: when using ldap based readonly vcards, I’‘d map the avatar in the PHOTO element of the user’‘s vcard? Then I’'d make wildfire include the JEP-0153 avatar hash in each presence broadcast it sends.

Making jep-0153 clients seeing avatars is my primary objective. They don’'t have to be the actual avatar that the jep-0008 user had set, it can be the photo that comes from ldap.

Is this all possible? Making a plugin is also fine (I’'m a java programmer).