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Avatars in roster/groups


I like this small jabber client, platform independent. I see that spark support avatars, is there any plan to put tha avatars also in the roster/buddy list?

At the moment, there are no plans to add avatar support to the contact list. However, that can always be voted on



However, that can always

be voted on

where? i mean, is there a JIRA issue already?

Hi Derek,

so I will also vote here in plain text.

I did notice that forums 5.0-beta has a poll option, so maybe you could activate it next time of even now for this thread?

I want the avatars also as the window icon, that’'s especially useful when one uses single windows to chat instead of tabbed chatting.


I want the avatars also as the window icon

and in tabs maybe, especially when Spark has a plenty of unused space in chat window

Hi Derek,

I vote for that!

Also, it would be cool to see the avatar when chatting with someone (like Google Talk now does), or add that as an option in the preferences

Bah! I was considering writing a plugin to support this (if it’‘s possible to do stuff with the interface like that) I keep running into the “going to implement something” "oh crap it’'s already implemented" syndrome. ;D


writing a Sparkplug is still possible, it’'s not implemented yet. As soon as Derek did create the SPARK-issue he may assign it to you if you like to work on it


lol, good point. =) Here’‘s a question for ya… if someone writes a plugin, and it’‘s decided that that’'s good to be a built-in feature, is it easy enough for derek to merge in the plugin in some way? (like is it helpful to derek to have the code already written in the form of a plugin)