I have a disk loaded with all of the thumbnails of users that are on spark/openfire. Is there a way to load it on the server and push it down to the users localy. Instead on loading each one on each PC. Users are on a local lan.

Theoretical avatars are cached on the server for performance reasons. It should be possible get access to this data in the database (table ofVCard). When the users login again, they will get their new avatar image. However, there are multiple XMPP extensions which deal with avatars. I don’t know which of these Spark does support.

Where Exactly should I look for the Vcard and I am using an embedded db on a 3.4.5 server

Try VCardManager. However, since there are several kinds of avatars I’m not sure if this will work for all avatars…

VCard-based avatars are included inside the vCard as follows:


See XEP-0153 for details. XEP-0054 does also define Avatar, but I’m not familar with that.

There is no real way to embed this data into their profiles, especially in light of the fact that you are using the embedded database. If you are using any sort of LDAP this makes it even more interesting. For instance Active Directory can store avatar images. You just need a third party tool to put them in place. Openfire will use these images for avatars. Regardless of whether you are using LDAP I would just send the appropriate images to each user and instruct them on how to implement them. Remember unless the images come from an outside source like LDAP the user can change them.

Hi Bryon,

do you want to modify the vCard of the users and add a picture for them?

Non-Jive Openfire Pluginscontains some vCard plugins, the source code may help you to write an import plugin.