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Avoid minimize to tray (windows)

Hi All,

I’ve been using spark/openfire since last chrismas.

We use it as our main support channel. We have arround 300 users, between 6 and 18 years old.

They use spark for technical support, and use it to chat to small predefined groups.

We’ve been having quite some calls ‘spark is not working…’ just because the kids can’t find the icon in the system tray.

I haven’t found a reliable sollution to ensure the spark icon is always displayed in the system tray or the taskbar.

I have seen some registry hackery, with some custom vb scripts to programatically set which icon’s appear in the sys tray. But i don’t trust this to be a good long term sollution.

So, does any of you have an idea how to solve this?

I’m running windows 7 in a domain.

The sollution must be something which can be easily deployed.


It can ne tricky to bring Spark window to front after it jas been minimized. You can instruct your users to always use close button instead of minimizing contacts window. As about win7 systray, microsoft intentionally made this not available programmatically, so no easy solution to make spark icon to appear there, other than manually setting it to always show.