Away due to idle - Spark 2.5.8

I’m running Spark 2.8.5 on Windows XP with OpenFire as the server. After setting up Spark on my laptop, I set it up on my coworker’s laptop. I noticed that my user was marked as ‘Away due to idle’ on his contact list. I started working on my computer, but my status in his list remained as Away due to idle.

Why does this happen? Will future versions give the option to set the timing before Spark switches a user to idle?

That is an option in 2.5.8. Look in the spark preferences for Login settings and change the time to idle. If your status did not change to active his machine when it did on your machine that is a different issue.

I have been experiencing this recenty as well. I’m not sure exactly when it started occuring, but my hunch is that the idle tracking functionality became incompatible with one of the recent Micorosoft Updates. Just to clarify, this is happening on Windows XP Professional with SP3 and all current updates. Upon logging into Spark, my status us Available. After a period of inactivity (adhering to Spark > Preferences > Login > Time till Idle (min)), my status changes to Away due to idle, as expected. Then when I become active (by moving the mouse or pressing a key), my status remains Away due to idle and does not automatically change back to Available – this has to be done manually.