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Back up isuues

installed Spark on a server last week and since then our veritas backup log has shown a verifying error with the file “wildfire.lck”. what is this file? is it not verifying because it is still in use on a client system? Thanks in advance David


are you sure that this is a Spark file? And if it is where may one find it? Is it possible that you are using Wildfire and the embedded database? It should be very small and contain no useful content.


Im coming in after the fact so this all i know or assume.

I know spark was installed and the clients are using it.

Wilfire must be the server side of the network application.

A “wildfire” directory was created.

The file “wildfire.lck” is located Program Files>Wildfire>embedded-dd

Our backup log says it cant verify the file so i assume that the file is open as long as clients have Spark executed.

Easy enough, i removed the file from the selection to be backed up but was curious as to what the file is and why it remains open.

It is a very small file.

Again thanks David

I’'m missing something. Spark IS a client itself. I mean IM client. Which connects to IM server. Are you saying that you have installed one Spark and few people are using it simultaneously?

Anyway, the common situation would be. Installation of Wildfire server on the server, instalation of Spark clients on other computers. Then these Spark clients connects to Wildfire server. If you use Embedded-DB in Wildfire server, so C:\Program Files\Wildfire\Embedded-DB is created witch contains that wildfire.lck, which cant be accessed while server is online. You can back it up, but you have to stop Wildfire server first. Thouhg it doesnt contain any useful information. I think you should stop the server before backing it up anyway. Because some info could be in cache and not yet written to a db. If i remember/understand it right.

After reading again. So you are not this guy who installed this? Just making a backups? If so, you better consult with that man who has installed Spark, Wildfire, etc.

Hi David,

so it seems that on this computer Wildfire is running, as Oleg said one should check if this is the Wifi server or a client where a user did install Wifi for an unknown reason.

You don’‘t need to backup the .lck file, if the computer running Wifi gets a bluescreen and reboots then the Wifi server (actually it’'s embedded database) will know that it was not shutdown correctly and can take some actions during startup to take care about the database content.