Backing up chat archive

does anyone knows on how can i backup the archive of chat discussions? or can i back it up individualy? hope somebody will help me for this. thanks

If you are using Monitoring plugin, then messages are saved in the databse, so you just have to backup whole database.

hi, thank you for that answer, i am new to open fire and i want to know the step by step on how to backup whole database, anyone can help me with this? thanks

If you are using an external database (MySQL, Postgre, etc.), then you should know better how to backup it. In the case of a embedded Openfire database you can backup tyhe folder /openfire/embedded-db or just the whole Openfire folder (in that case you will backup config and logs too, a complete server). It is recommended to stop the server before doing a backup. But the embedded database is not recommended for the production use, especially if you have losts of users and are using chat archiving. This database is a text file and is not very convenient to do some modifications with it if needed (finding and deleting entries, etc.).