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Backup and restore of openfire/mysql

If we have say whatever most current version of openfire installed and

the server crashes. We do a restore of a backup with a backup program

of mysql and openfire folder, but say the MySql version available for download is

newer than what we had backed up and we can not get the mysql version we previously had; will this effect the restore

of openfire?

If so, what must we do to make the restore work properly?


First of all, this should not be a problem. Secondly, all previous versions are available for download at the mysql site.

Sorry about that, thought this was for any issues or comments related to this dis


But if we wanted to install the lastest version of MySql instead of the older version, would there be any problems with restoring the openfire backup to the newer version of MySql along with the backup for MySql?

what I meant was that should not be a problem. an SQL backup file can be imported into a newer version just fine.

ok. It will not have any issues with the openfire backup when restoring that either?

I have never run into any issues with this, as long as everything installs ok (mysql, openfire, etc)

Thanks for your help.

You are welcome. Do not forget to award points for correct and/or helpful answers.