Backup and restore openfire users

Hi there!

I was wondering wich is the best way or the best tool for backing up and restoring Openfire users.

It’s necessary for me to format openfire machine and I don’t want to register all the users again…


You can use the user import export plugin that is available on the server’s plugin page for install.

I think the better way is to backup your database. If you are using an MySQL database you can backup your DB while Openfire is running, using mysqlhotcopy. For other databases there are probable similar tools.

The import/export plugin does not export all data:

The user data consists of username, password, name, email address, creation and modified date, and roster list (aka “buddy list”).

There are some clients that store additional data on the server, also offline messages and such things.

While this answer is technically corret in an ideal world where everyone is using external databases. I was answering the question based on the assumption that the user was using the embedded database since they did not specify an external database was in play. The embedded database is much more limited in how it can be backed up. If you are using the embedded database the plugin is probably your best bet with lots of hoops to jump through. You could also try backing up the entire embedded database but that is hit or miss as well depending on the backup software.