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Backup Best Practices

We just installed a OpenFire server in a dev server to start getting familiar and play around and i would like to ask two questions

  1. What is the best practice to backup the openfire server in case of server/hardware failure? im using HSQL, and i assume i have to backup the database, and/or some folders as well? if so, which ones and what are the steps to recover this in a brand new server? (same plataform, of course)

  2. For client downloads i need them to download MSI installation file, not the EXE, and i found it is located in /opt/openfire/enterprise/spark , but on the client download page it links to the .exe, is there a way to change it besides hardcore the source? aparently, they are downloading /opt/openfire/enterprise/spark/spark_2_5_8.exe but it needs to be /opt/openfire/enterprise/spark/spark_2_5_8.exe/opt/openfire/enterprise/spark/sp ark_2_5_8_online.msi



First I would never use the embedded db in a production environment. Use an external db that will give you more control of the db and its backups and modifications.

The spark distribution via the openfire server only uses exe files and will only work if the user has rights to install the app. You can use the msi from the igniterealtime.org site to install via group policy or some other such method. The version available in your openfire server can be used to limit new version upgrade notifications.

Aside the database you should save /conf folder with openfire.xml in there. Also you can save /logs folder if you care for logs, especially if you are doing audit logging.

I would suggest not to use msi installs provided on this site. They have some issues. Would be better to create your own msi and i think Todd can prpvide some info about that

Wroot, thanks for your reply, so basically everything is in the DB except for the config files… thats good

I do know and have experience creating MSI packages, that is not the issue, but my questions belong more to, once i have the MSI created, how to make it downloable by the default link instead of download the provided .EXE, make sense?

Thanks once again…

Todd said it accepts only exe’s and i almost doesnt have any experience with Client Control plugin, so we have to believe him. So, you dont have an AD? Because i would really recommend to install msi with GPO, via Computer Configuration > Software Installation. I have just discovered this (was using logon scripts) and it’s a blast.