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Backup Openfire server on Linux

We are a small shop with 30 people on openfire.

For years, it ran under Windows and I finally found time to make it run under (Debian) Linux.

How do I backup the server or at least the configuration to be prepared in the event of a system restore or reinstallation?

Configuration file is stored in /openfire/conf . Some stuff (SSL) can be in /openfire/resources. If you are using the embedded database, it is usually in /openfire/embedded-db folder. So it is probably enough to just backup the whole installation folder.

The actual location of this installation depends on your system. Probably /etc/openfire.

In the event of a disaster recovery, how would I go about restoring from a backup? Let’s assume new hardware is available and it has the latest version of Debian Linux installed. I am assuming it needs the same version of Openfire installed to match the backup. In my case, I am using the embedded database. What files and directories need to be copied from the backup to the new machine?

In theory, you can install the latest version on the new hardware and copy files from backup to the new installation. Upon first startup Openfire should upgrade database to the latest schema. This might not work if there is a huge gap between versions. Then it would be better to install the same version, then copy the backup and then maybe try to upgrade. I have already told what needs to be copied. Most important places /conf, /resources/security and /embedded-db.

You can also copy plugins, so you won’t have to reinstall them (/plugins, except for admin plugin)