Backups / Mini Switch

FYI - Daryl and I have been discussing with Contegix about installing a 5-port switch in our colo facility to allow us a private network for sending data between the 3 machines we have colocated.

I’m posting here to make others aware and keep the discussion more open and trackable.

I’ve create a request within Jive to get a 5-port switch allocated and shipped to the Contegix colo facility. Daryl and I probably need to work out a few networking changes which will be needed.

Great, thank you.

So we have (only) 1 free nic on each server? I just thought of crossover cables (;

Contegix has already switches … using 3 more ports of them for a 1000‰ private (eg vlan is much more reliable than adding other hardware. But of course one must configure the switch ports.

No idea how to rack-mount a 5port switch.

Daryl had some conversations with Contegix.

  • They are not going to reconfigure switches for us
  • They wanted us to buy a custom rack mount switch and charge us more for another 1u of space
  • With prodding, they agreed that a 5-port switch would fit by sitting next to the mac mini on a shelf

That’s what got us to this point.

Ouch! Then there is only this way …

Switch is shipping… UPS tracking number: 1Z19409V1292310929

Switch is installed, Mac host moved to this switch. Debian and Solaris vms added to this network. Looking good!

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