Bad registered date in User Properties

In User Properties, I see Registered field always shows current date (currently, Jan 3, 2007) for all users. I’‘m using a external database but in Custom Database Integration Guide I don’'t see any info about setting queries for dates, and SQL logs during user data search show only queries for group data, nothing about dates… Is it a bug or should be configured somewhere?


Hi NK,

integrating an external database is meant to be easy and it queries just the needed information. I assume that your other application has also a nice web gui to maintain the users (add, delete, …) and it displays this information (if it stores it) so there’'s in my opinion no need to add this to Wildfires web gui.


Well, actually our app has the registration information, so, yes, there is no real need for us of displaying it on Wildfire. I was just curious about if I would have missed any configuration detail. However, it still remains why in that case Wildfire shows current date instead of something as “Not available” or similar. If using a external database means that Wildfire is unable to get this data, maybe the User Properties screen should tell about that fact, because showing a unreal value is a bit confusing. Let us say it’'s only a minor “esthetic” detail


I did create JM-922 to get it fixed, but likely not for the 31.1.2007 release.