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bareJID in displayName!?


In SparkWeb, i am seing the JID intead of the displayName of the user in the users status area (StatusBox.mxml)

Checking a SparkWeb code i found that the population of this field is done creating ‘artificially’ a RosterItemVO using SparkManager.me, the problem is that the displayname in SparkManager.me is not the Name of the user:

var con:XMPPConnection = SparkManager.connectionManager.connection;
var me:RosterItemVO = SparkManager.me;

SparkManager.me.jid = bill@vilt

SparkManager.me.displayName = bill

Showing the bareJID in thr StatusBox and the displayNames in the rooster seems to me a incoherence.

Anybody knows how to change this behaviour, preferencially without touching spark code? (or what i am doing wrong… )

Dont know is it really wrong. Spark (not SparkWeb) is showing name along with the JID in a vCard popup. Sometimes this is handy to check that if two contacts in you roster has the same Name, but they are from the different servers.

Hello, tx.

In SparkWeb, you only see your bareJID and no Name.

I am allowing anonymous login and the generated JID is of no meaning to the user (anonymous9D3350D7BC9B125B0BA04CCDC94F60BA@vilt)

I want to show the displayName, is it possible?

I dont know. Probably, by changing the code.

I have changed SparkWeb client code, but been trying not to change openfire server/XIFF code to allow easier installation of new versions.

It seems to me that this problem is a openfire server conection response problem. The server is (or seems to me) not sending the displayName.

Why i think this is a big usability problem: the user never sees what the other users see on his contact. any error/typo in the registration is perpetuated forever. isnt this right?

One possible solution would be adding a component that anwers to special onconnect IQ packets requesting displayName of the user .



I am not sure where the error is, but I can say for certain that my install of spark web shows the Display Name not the JID. I do use LDAP though so it is a whole different ball game.


I just found your post on the forum here and am having the exact same issue. Were you ever able to find a reasonable solution to the bareJID v. displayName issue? Any help you can provide would be sincerely appreciated.


-Matt Towers