BareJID vs. FullJID

First off greetings to all!

Currently I have looked through hundreds of posts and ideas on this topic so if I missed it I apologize. Please feel free to lock thread and point me elsewhere.

I have the route.all-resources property added and set to true. I have different resources for the two spark clients set (Spark-Res1 & Spark-Res2) and both at same priority

The initiating message works great as it hunts to all available resources with highest priority. What I would like is if once the reply is going, that the conversation appears in both locations from the other person.

I understand that the initiating message is sent to the BareJID but once the session goes it appears the clients only talk to the FullJID. Is there a way to alter the client to always use the BareJID?


Hello All,

We are also looking for solution to what James described after trying to use Fastpath for a helpdesk implementation but it has limitations to work properly. It is cumbersome to set all helpdesk staff to view the ongoing conversations with users. Also Fastpath has no file transfer feature as in the normal user-to-user spark conversations.

Basically, we just want to use a common login account that more than 1 helpdesk staff can login (by using resource setting). So when users communicate with helpdesk, we want all in/out conversations with the users to be visible by all the helpdesk staff who login with same account but different resource.

While we are still looking to find a solution to this, it would be nice to hear if someone got there already.