Basic customization & deployment of Spark client for Windows

I need to deploy Spark 2.6.3 to mostly Windows 7 desktops and would like to have I few basic configurations options ''baked-in" into the exe/msi installer. BTW, I am a newb at this.

I have successfully edited the file and then moved the spark.jar file around and the alterations work fine - I only require minimal changes:

  • Specify server name
  • Disable advance features
  • Disable updates
    As I say, they worked fine, but obviously I can’t go around several 100 PCs adding this file in.

I have successfully converted a spark.exe to a spark.msi as I was told by our desktop support team, this what they might need, but of course this is not customized in any way.

I installed and played with the free version of Advance Installer and in all honesty, there is alot to take in, I’ve just started to look at install4j, is the road I should be going down?

Or do I need to use netbeans?

I basically need to create a spark.msi with my edits to the included.

Spark will be deployed use Dell KASE management solution, I’ve be led to believe this can do some the heavy lifting once the msi has been created.

There have been some discussion around this and I think most people went for Appdeploy to get “their” MSI

There is a longer discussion around this: -for-spark-263#comment-6646

Install4J is commercial and a pretty good solution for multi plattform support. But it is more a developer tool and is does not create a proper MSI (unless I am to stupid to make it work.) My client distribution team is using Installshield.

May I ask you to report your results and procedure to get an MSI in a reworked / extended version of the document There are lots of people who need it.

By the way, you may want to distribute Spark with a JRE included that is below 1.6.0 update 24 due to a java bug that prevents Spark from reaction to a user that is loggin off Windows.

Thanks - I’ve had a quick play with AppDeploy and seems to be much easier to understand

I’m obviously missing something, I used AppDeploy to build a msi using stock spark.exe, and it works just as expected, the problem is, how do I add in my edited spark.jar file?

I was hoping that when you run AppDeploy it had an option someplace to add it in (as per Church suggested, in one of the links you supplied), I see a list of “Included File Items” but of course this is the stock spark.jar which I can either include or exclude but cannot replace.

Also the recipe.xml which it created does not offer the option to do what I need.

Does this mean I will have to compile spark?

Update: The provided link gave me all the answer and advice I needed to successfully build a msi - thank you!