Basic Xiff 'helloworld'


I’m wondering if there is a very basic, well documented instructions on using XIFF. Is there a ‘hello world’ of Xiff, that involves:

connecting to a server

sending a string to the server

reciving same string back from server

I’m using Adobe Flash CS3, AS3 and I have tried to follow both:

and xiff-3-introduction/

which are the only two XIFF tutorials I could find.

One has no documentation, some superfluous stuff, and is written for FLEX. 260 lines of code doesn’t seem like a ‘hello world’ to me.

The other page is really an introduction to puremvc, not xiff3. I was able to follow it a bit, but my ignorance on both puremvc and xiff has made it difficult to grok both topics.

If anyone could point me to an article or quickly write up a very basic xiff example, i’d very much appriciate it. I think an example like that would go a long way to help develop the xiff community.



Unfortunately, I don’t know of any additional documentation. It’s obviously something that needs to get created, but nobody working on the project has had time to work on it yet.



Thanks for the response. I guess i’ll have to pick up what I can. If I ever get it working, I’ll write something up. =)

Do you know if XIFF can be used with just Flash AS3 or does it require FLEX3 SDK?

XIFF requires the ArrayCollection class from Flex; Theoretically it should be possible to extract that and its superclasses and such and compile it in Flash, but I haven’t tried.

Thanks! I’ll have try that out.

I have posted about half of a HelloWorld example: with-the-xiff-as3-library/

Im trying to put together a very basic chat, and have it working, but I need to work out some of the bugs. Ill post it when I understand what is going on a little more.

mike chambers